Cleaning | Method

The Conco cleaning method may be applied to clean straight tubes with inner diameters of 11 to 31 mm, made out of brass, stainless steel, titanium or boiler steel. The cleaning element is a cleaner (projectile) made out of spring steel, driven by water and equipped with 4 pairs of blades closely adjusted to the inner diameter of the tube. The cleaner is inserted and “shot” through the entire length of the tube by water pressure of 2 Mpa, provided by a special pump system. The cleaner travels through the tube with a speed of 6 meter per second. Deposits are mechanically scraped off by the blades and subsequently flushed out by the flowing water. Each cleaner can be used 10 times and still provide superior cleaning results.
Our cleaning process may be applied to remove soft deposits such as mud and slime as well as the hard ones (limescales, calcium carbonates, iron sulfides, iron oxides, manganese). Cleaner can also remove all types of obstructions and corrosion products, while smoothing the tube ID surface.
The CONCO cleaning method is a perfect supplement to the on-line sponge balls tube cleaning systems. After one pass of a tube cleaner, the inner side of tube wall is much smoother and what is more – the effectiveness of on-line cleaning increase.
CONCO cleaners leave smother tube surface providing longer lasting better results.

CONCO method is great alternative for hydrodynamic cleaning. Comparing of these two systems brings us to reflection that CONCO method is not only much safer for operator but also is faster and non-destructive for tubes. Hydrodynamic cleaning method may remove thick and hard deposits from the tubes but it also leave tube surface rough. Using CONCO tube cleaners leaves tube surface smoother therefore tube stay clean much longer.